How to throw one hell of a Bachelorette party

** This post was created in partnership with Fraser River Raft Expeditions **

There’s always the stereotypical Vegas, or if you’re super classy, a tour around vineyards.. but what if those “been there, done that” type of experiences just won’t cut it for your bride-to-be (b-2-b)… Well, here’s what you do:

Step 1: Questions.

First things first: When you begin planning the ultimate Bachelorette party, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. What is your bride’s favorite food?
  2. What is your bride’s drink of choice?
  3. Where have you seen your bride at her happiest?

Whilst planning Kelsey’s Bachelorette party, these questions came to us almost too easily…

  1. Cheese/Sour keys
  2. WINE.
  3. Camping, being outside, low key nights with friends, and anything to do with being close to/in a body of water

The first two steps were super easy to execute. But for the main event, that took a bit more brain-power… you want to do something special, something that will stand out and that your B-2-B will never forget.

Kelsey LOVES camping. Ever since we were wee she was happiest when surrounded by nature and those she loved the most. Katryna found a HUGE rentable teepee tent from Vancouver Event-Tents.  DONE.


We then scoured the internet for an experience that included a thrill, water and the outdoors and came across the one and only, Fraser River Raft Expeditions in Yale, BC. I have dealt with many companies in my lifetime and seriously appreciate good customer service, these guys, however, went so far above and beyond what one could ever hope for.

We submitted request after request for a campsite nearby that would a) Be big enough to accommodate a tent of such size and b) Be okay with ten noisy ass, dancing females.

No cigar.

We told the River Raft crew about our dilemma to see if they might know of a place near them that we could set up camp and they immediately offered up their grounds (and promised two hot men would take care of the set up).


Step 2: Delegate.

Your bridal party is there to help. Giving everyone a job takes the heat off of you a little bit and makes everyone a part of the magic.


Step 3: ENJOY.

This isn’t a birthday (she’ll hopefully have 101 of those). This isn’t a baby shower, graduation party or any other willy nilly celebration. This is HER celebration. Do whatever it takes to show you b-2-b that she is the most special person on the planet, because she is.

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I want to send a HUGE thank you to the team over at Fraser River RaftThey ensured the entire weekend was flawless. They made us feel like family and showed us an amazing time. The property was gorgeous with a mountainous backdrop, two beautiful lab puppies running around and river and a house you can rent out (one of the oldest houses in BC circa 1864, full of antiques and weird stuff).

The river-rafting itself was the best I’ve ever done. They provide a lunch in between runs (which was the best sandwich I’ve ever had – I’ll thank the honey mustard sauce for that). The guys are hilarious, jovial, welcoming and knowledgable about the river you’ll be rafting down (albeit Josh, the guide, lost his paddle so I can’t say that he’s very graceful).  They provided an experience we will all never ever forget, and for that we are all beyond grateful.

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