Cork-It Winemaking

Wine. Ah, what a beautiful word.

I recently partnered up with Cork-It Winemaking in North Vancouver to create a delicious Pinot Grigio for my sister’s wedding.

The process was flawless from beginning to end.


The team over at Cork-It helped us choose the perfect wine for her special day. After a quick six weeks, we came back to bottle it up ourselves. The best part? We were able to create custom labels for the bottles… Now, when we have a bottle on every table at the wedding, it’ll be that much more special.

They have been working on a new wedding special – where they help you with EVERYTHING. From picking out the wine, to how much you’ll need (they’ve come up with a fool-proof algorithm) to helping you create your own personalized label – they’ve really got you covered. You can get 30 bottles for as little as $120… so for those who LOVE wine, this is totally a HUGE money saver.

Want to try it for yourself?! Head over to my Instagram before August 1st to enter our contest to win a 6-week package for yourself!

wine 3.JPG

Giveaway rules:

  • Must be able to go to the North Vancouver location
  • Must be 19+



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