Inspiration Queens | Carly Halliday

Ah, Carly Halliday! I met this little nugget back on the first day of Kindergarten in Maplewood Elementary School. We became friends instantly. I remember going to her house for sleepovers every so often and never making it through the night (she stayed up really late and I have always been a grandma).  As you’ll see reflected in her answers below, we slowly drifted apart – but never too far. She’s one of those people that no matter where you are in the word, and no matter how far away she might be, she is always around. She exudes happiness, kindness and love and is most definitely one of the most badass Inspiration Queens I have the pleasure of knowing.


How/when did we meet?

I met you back in the day, we were 4 years old in Ms.Goldie’s class at Maple Wood Elementary school. I remember your bright white blonde hair and overalls. Playing house, tag, grounders, our obsession with spice girls, having play dates at your big house near the forest, swimming in the local river, barbecues with both of our families, parties, events, birthdays etc. You’ve always been a part of my childhood, and as we grew up in different directions we have always been hovering there in each others lives, cheering one another on from the side lines. Until well, now, reconnecting over the past year or so. It’s been so amazing seeing your growth over the long years since I’ve known you

I know we have a million, but tell me about one of the earliest memories of our shenanigans
Hahaha, we have many… I have two actually. The first is this vivid conversation we had at the river we always used to swim at, I think we were around 6 or 7 years old. I remember the brown bathing suit you had on as we compared stomach sizes… So weird, and probably not the healthiest conversation two young girls could have, but I particularly remember one of us saying : “No, MY stomach is bigger than yours! No mine, no mine! ” .. Weird times, and thankful that our clearly early on competitive natures turned into uplifting one another, hahaha.

The second one is playing in your room on one of our regular play dates. We must have been a bit older, maybe 8? I was sport spice, and you were baby spice, we were discussing our roles and practicing the dance routine you so kindly put together. I remember I was always a bit jealous you got to be baby spice, but I never told you that. Until now…

Where are you now in the world?
Koh Samui, Thailand!!

What are you doing?
Currently working on building my wellness business from my computer, connecting with people who want to heal themselves from the inside out! Not exactly sure how my roll as a wellness coach will go, but it feels right so I’m going for it. Other than that, I fill my time with paddle boarding, long motor bike drives around the island and eating a shit ton of vegan food.

What three words describe you, as a woman, as a human?
Spontaneous, powerful, bubbly.

What is the most important thing in life?
Belief. Within yourself, within your purpose, your thoughts, actions, in what ever you’re doing. But mostly the belief within yourself. I honest to god, to the core of me believe that once you figure out the ways to truly love yourself and have confidence in what you are doing, everything else falls into place. You start feeling such organic flow, things really start happening for you. It’s not easy to get to such a positive mindset, but it’s important to at least try. Because that is where the answers are, within yourself when you begin to see the good.

When is the last time you cried?
Hahaha, great question. To be honest I don’t cry all that often but when I do I absolutely welcome it. So I’ve been doing this whole 28 days of gratitude challenge, basically writing 10 things a day, every day for 28 days of what I am most grateful for on that day. This past Monday, I forgot to write it all down, so when I was out on my paddle board, in the middle of the ocean I decided to yell out my list to well, the ocean? The horizon? The universe? I’m not sure where I was going with this, but it felt right in the moment. I cried my eyes out as I yelled out my list, I cried for what I have, and for how far I’ve come. And also I believe that if you’ve bottled up past feelings, hurts, traumas etc – that all will come out eventually, it has too. So it was a very welcomed, emotional cry. I think it’s healthy as fuck and everyone should have a good sob once in a while.

What are you most scared of?
It used to be the ocean, whales in particular and how massive they are. But as time has gone on, my biggest fear is unlocking and going head to head with my truest potential. Basically what I am fully capable of if I try. Facing the hard, and scary unknown, taking risks and chances with no knowledge of where I’ll end up. Public speaking used to be one of them too, now I have it in me to say fuck that, I have shit to say and I wont hold back anymore. But I’m still scared. I think that we have to learn how to embrace our fear, everyone has fear, its just about how we handle it. No body is fearless, who ever says that – i call bullshit. Even the most confident people we know are scared shitless at certain things, the only difference is that they don’t let it get in the way. We have to feel shitty, uncomfortable sometimes to learn and to grow into the stronger versions of ourselves. I think those feelings get easier over time as we become more equipped to handle them, you know?

When I say the word HOME, what comes to mind?
Home to me is hiking in the BC mountains, sitting in bean around the world cafe on a fall day writing in my journal and hot coffee in hand. Home is when I hear someone speak Spanish, reminding me of my home stay in Peru, 2 years ago when I did some volunteer work. It is pieces of Bangkok, Thailand, calling my name as I spent a while there teaching english, and now being back in the land of smiles. Home is sitting in my best friends Rachel’s white jeep, top down adventuring through the Squamish forests, or drinking cheap red wine on a cold day with my other best friend Kelsey with the smell of menthol cigarettes in the air.

Home has become such a wide range of feelings, senses, places, and people to me. Through out the years my answer to that question has changed drastically. But now home as become an accumulation of all of my favourite experiences. To choose one is impossible.

You’re a huge advocate for veganism, tell me a bit more about this, how you got into it and why it’s so important to you.
Ah, what a beautiful question. Veganism has found it’s way into my life with a full force of beautiful emotions, reflected realizations and epiphanies within myself. I think it all began with not wanting to eat meat anymore, not because of anything I saw or heard, but just to kind of try something different. Eventually leading me into curiosity towards the word “veganism”. I am an all or nothing type of person, and dove head first one night – watching documentary after documentary, extensive research about things I wouldn’t have ever thought to look up in the past. And became vegan literally over night.

I think Veganism has become such an important thing in my life because of what it stands for, and how it makes me feel physically. I know the word itself has a sort of negative stigma around it at times for those who aren’t really aware of the deeper meaning. But for me it’s the most courageous, positive, intuitive, compassionate way of living. It’s funny because I never have been a huge animal lover in the past – I just saw the hard truth behind what we really do to animals for our consumption, and knowing deep down that I just couldn’t support it any longer. Realizing the happy cow commercials are all bullshit and that “Humane Slaughter” became an alarmingly disturbing oxymoron.

But over the years of grasping where I stand with this lifestyle, I’ve come to learn we all have a choice. Every day, to do better, make conscious decisions in our lives or not. It’s up to you, and this is the path I’ve taken. Veganism stands for compassion towards every being, our planet, our health. And since going whole foods plant based, my poops are more consistent, I haven’t had to go to any doctors, I feel alive, energetic, my skin doesn’t break out anymore, I know this diet has healed me from the inside out. Who wouldn’t want that? Oh and vegan food is fucking amazing, look it up. #notjustgrass

How are you changing the world?
I think I am beginning to find my way through life, I am doing things for me, having fun, being authentically myself. And in that way, of being the change I want so badly to see in the world, the ones around me are shifting. I think the more yourself you become, you glow, you shine, others see that. It’s attractive, and we all gravitate towards the people who are happy, confident, alive, motivating. You can’t force anyone to change, if they don’t want to change than why push? The only successful ways to see an impact on others or the world is to be that change. I am using my new wellness coaching to bring up the conversations about the most RELATED topics and problems we all collectively share, but are too scared to speak about. Depression, anxiety, self hate, body image issues, self doubt, dependency issues, fear of being alone, having fear get in the way etc etc. Finding ways to support one another, and to want more for ourselves, our planet, our health. I could go on, and on.

What is your favorite part of yourself?
My smile, and my open mindedness to try new things.


One piece of advice to young women trying to find themselves?
Don’t compare. Don’t yearn for a different body or see yourself as not good enough. Please, treat who you are and the body you were given with respect, embrace your uniqueness, be confident, tell yourself you are a fucking goddess every day. You are you, and that in itself is the most profound thing in this world. We NEED to start allowing ourselves to love who we are at a young age, especially young women. Since when did it become cool to ridicule ourselves, or to put ourselves down. You are beautiful, you are glowing, you are you.

Favourite quote?
“The only ones for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a common place thing, but burn burn burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the nights sky”. – Jack Kerouac.

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