My Wish Is For You

My wish is for you.


You have been dealt a hand most would have folded.

Your courage is boundless, your strength unremitting. In the eyes of fear you stare back with a grimace that alludes to the known of your triumph.


“Giving up” has never been an option.


For the pain you have endured is unimaginable. Although you may stand alone in the grawing truth of uninteruppted mental and physical anguish, you are far from alone in the fight.

Know that if I had one wish, it would be for you.

To fall asleep fearlessly in peace.

To awake with certain identity.

To walk the tallest and swim the farthest.

To feel the gentle kisses of the sun on your porcelain skin.

To travel far and wide.

To fall in love with life again.


If I could mend your broken pieces, my life would have meaning.


Friend, I believe in you.


My wish is for you.

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