5 Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair While Traveling

Note to readers: This blog post is sponsored by Nature’s Bounty, however all opinions are my own.



Traveling is the best. Exploring new corners of the world will challenge and change you in the most magnificent ways.

But traveling also means making a lot of sacrifices and compromises regarding your body.

Weather is one of the biggest enemies of my hair. Extreme temperatures can have a devastating effect on it, different water compounds make it harder or softer, depending on the amounts of calcium and magnesium in it and salt can REALLY do a number on the ends.


The question is, what can we do to protect our hair while traveling?

1 – Coat your hair in natural coconut oil before swimming in salt water.

Pretty much any conditioner/oil will do but to be a good swimeritan (see what I did there?) use something natural. If you coat your hair in this before you swim, your hair will soak in the oils instead of the salt water which can be damaging and drying to your beautiful locks.

2 – Brush your hair, oil it up and braid (if you can) every night.

Give your locks some TLC every night. Brush out any knots, get the natural oils through your hair and rub your ends down with your preferred treatment (Moroccan oil is my go-to). It’s $50 for a large bottle, lasts a long ass time and repairs any damage done to your hair with its high fatty acids and vitamin E content.


3- Drink. All. The. Water.

Water helps the body to process and flush out toxins faster, which makes it a quick and easy natural method that will make your hair grow a lot faster. Try drinking at least 8 cups of water a day; not only will your body feel better, but your hair will get stronger and longer too!

4 – Protect your hair from the sun

Just as you would with your skin, protect your hair from the harsh rays of Mr.Sun. It’s possible for your hair to overheat and burn (especially those with lighter hair colors). Use a hat or scarf to physically block the rays from getting to your hair. In addition, you can find various hair sunscreens and protectants on the market. Most coconut oils have a natural SPF of 8, so if you’re okay with looking a bit oily, smother your locks in some coco oil!

5 – Bring your Nature’s Bounty hair gummies with you

While traveling (especially on a budget) it can be difficult to get ahold of your daily-recommended vitamin intake. Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nail Gummies contain the antioxidants Vitamin E and C, with Vitamin E known to help promote healthy skin and Vitamin C, known to help with collagen production & formulation – which literally forms the basis for vibrant skin! They are also high in biotin, which helps maintain a healthy mane. You’ll never forget to take them, they taste SO good and act as a little treat every day.


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