Tips for Traveling | New Beginnings

Every end marks a new beginning. Life had dropped me off at a crossroads after recent events and I’ve been searching for that “new beginning”.

I craved something new, something different, something exhilarating. I’ve had my heart set on a trip to Australia for years and decided that there’s no better time than the present to get up and go.

Leaving home is never easy. The first couple days shook my mind and my body.  I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz – going from 1 degree in Vancouver to 40 in Aus… I’m definitely not in Canada anymore.  The normalcy of  routine life is stripped. The promise of waking up and knowing what to expect is completely gone. It’s exquisitely unnerving, to be pushed out of your comfort zone again and again.

When starting anew, even just for a few months, I find a sense of calm when I remember the following:

1. Adopt YES:

Travel has a wonderful aura of spontaneity about it. “Yes” has magic within it. So often we are afraid of life — we fear failure, we anticipate the worst, we don’t know what to expect. In doing so and often by saying “no” to opportunities, we reject many of life’s brilliant chances. Say YES. See where it takes you.

2. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination:

I often look back on past trips and find the journey to be just as, if not more enlightening than the destination. In Peru, the highlight of Matchu Picchu wasn’t the stunning view at the end of the hike, but rather the moments in the tent with Kelsey after a long day of hiking, talking about the insane journey we were on.  On the way to Australia, Sab and I had a day layover in Xiamen (China), we could have very easily booked a hotel room for the day and slept off our growing jet lag, but instead we decided to explore. We ended up singing with our ukulele for sunrise and finding the most beautiful hot springs spa after Xiamen Riyuegu Hot Springs. We spent 6 hours relaxing in various natural pools and had a traditional Chinese massage (seriously the best massage I’ve ever had). The destination was ultimately Sydney, but the journey was one I will never forget.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.47.41 AM

3. Don’t be afraid of goodbyes:

This one is especially difficult. People come into your life for a) A reason b) A season or c) A lifetime.

Most of the people you’ll meet whilst traveling will be for a reason. To show you something you never knew existed or to teach you a lesson to take with you throughout life.

When it’s time to say goodbye, don’t fear the loss of a friendship but rather be thankful you had the opportunity to connect.

4. Keep in touch with your family.

For your sake just as much as theirs, keep in touch with those you’re closest to at home. For me, it’s my mom and my sisters. Even if it’s just a quick email, text, or IG/Facebook message every couple of days, let them know you’re safe. Seriously, it puts everyones mind at ease and helps with the potential homesickness you may feel.

5. Set Goals and intentions:

Perhaps it’s as simple as meeting new people or as complex as learning the art of Reiki, the point is: set intentions and goals for your trip.

This will not only help you keep focused on your journey but give you a sense of purpose. Be open to new adventures that will shape and create new goals along your way. Write them down, visualize what you want most out of your experiences and enjoy the ride.
My goal on this trip is to create. To create music, adventures and of course, to write about it all as it pans out.

Happy traveling, friends!

Stay tuned for the adventures of Aus.

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