Friday Thoughts.


Favourite song right now: 

Where The Skies Are Blue – The Lumineers 


In this moment, I’m most excited for…:
Going to the island to spend Christmas with the fam. Shayne (my lil bro) is COMING HOME. I’m so excited to sip coffee and baileys, sing, chill and just BE with the Gavin fam in the best place on Earth.

Question of the day:
Why do we fall in love? Really though, at what point do we realize it’s love? Do we walk into it, or does it just happen?

Three words to describe by current state of mind:
Eager. Scattered. Hopeful.

Quote of the day:
“We are all winging it, that’s what angels do”
Jessie Baker. I’m looking at you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Thoughts.

  1. You are in love when the thought of being apart from that person for any length of time makes you ache with pain from head to toe. That time seems to stand still when you are apart, and you feel momentarily lost and empty. That all those aspirations and goals and plans you had to conquer the world, are in one breath all of a sudden meaningless. You have no doubt whatsoever about that special person and you feel more confident and secure with them than without. You are then fully consumed by true love. But here’s the kicker; the other person must feel the exact same way toward you. If the above is true, Don’t ever fear to fall in love or say the words. I pity those that are without courage to speak from their heart. Merry Christmas

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  2. You don’t fall or walk into love. It just happens, a lot like magic. Sometimes it hits in an instant, and sometimes it happens over a long series of serendipitous events that eventually ends in a special bond. I honestly think love exists to make our lives worthwhile. It may be love for family, best friends, pets, or your person. Love exists to give us purpose, to give us arms to fall into, and best of all love justifies and amplifies all the happieness we get to experience in life 🙂

    Ps. I love YOU.

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