Lost Inhibitions – Win tickets to a viewing party!

If you know me at all, you know I adore my wine.

This summer, I went on a wine tour in the Okanagan and fell in love with Church and State and their Lost Inhibitions series (seriously, I’d give them my rose). I’m sure you’ve seen the bottles; they’re the ones with the unapologetically cheeky labels.


Lost Inhibitions is produced by Church & State, an independently owned and award-winning winery, founded in 2004. Their goal is simple: to get Canadians together to enjoy great wine and to start a conversation. Like me, they go against the norm, don’t take themselves too seriously and are a tad (okay, a lot more than a tad) quirky. Funny labels and cute story aside, their wine is absolutely phenomenal. They’ve been recognized five times since 2009 for producing the best red wine and have received acknowledgment from international panels and foreign dignitaries, including Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine and Wine Advisor to the Queen… no biggie.

Inspired by everyday moments, Lost Inhibitions brings a sassy, fun and unique spin to traditional wine labels. My personal favorite? C’est La F*cking Vie.

They come in a variety of styles: Red blend (Bordeaux style), White blend (Viognier based), Sparking white, Sparkling Rosé (my top pick) and Rosé. All of their wines are beautifully balanced and smooth, like all good Canadians.



So what’s the exciting news!? I’m partnering with Lost Inhibitions to showcase the rest of my TV love story, one bottle at a time. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick the right words to describe exactly how I’m feeling, but somehow, Lost Inhibitions always find a way to say it just right.

Join me on my journey! Upload a photo of you with your favorite Lost Inhibitions label, tag me @lyndseygavin and @lostinhibitions with the hashtag #lostinhibitions for a chance to win tickets to a Bachelor viewing party (and to drink ALL the wine with me)!

Check them out over at churchandstatewines.com



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