Inspration Queens | April & Zofia | Double The Love

They met by chance, became soulsies instantly and now they are the truest form of ride-or-die best friends.


Meet April and Zofia the badass creators and owners of Double The Love.

Double The Love is a mobile pop-up clothing shop that focuses on Women Empowerment by making all women feel confident not only in a dress, but in their own skin. Their mission is simple: To assist every woman, no matter her age, ethnicity, size, shape or style to feel her best once she walks out of their little boutique shop – and that’s exactly what they do.

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with these gals and I can confidently say I left feeling happier and so inspired by these women.  They don’t see any goal as too big or any dream as too hard to attain. They just get sh*t done, and look freakin’ adorable while doing it.


They first met in University five years ago. Back when April was known as the shy one from Squamish who didn’t know a soul at Capilano University and Zofia was the 2001 J-Lo lookalike (with 6 inch heels, 2 sizes too small jeans and a fur vest complete with a gold zipper) who knew every person and declared everyone her friend (even the 50 year-old dude with a wife and kids who sat at the back of the class).

Zofia was looking for a new vice-president for MAX (Marketing Association at CAP) and had closed her interview process before April had the chance to sit down with her.  Zofia decided to open it back up for one last interview; it was love at first sight – April got the job on the spot.

This is where they figured out how well they worked together. The dynamic duo was in charge of planning events and handled everything from crisis management, crazy hiccups and everything in between. Not only did they conquer through everything thrown at them, they had a mission to make every event better than the last and brought new, exciting dynamics to make these events FUN, which let’s be honest, is very difficult to do on a University Campus with everyone throwing new speed-bumps at you.

Through their first few years together they both came to the realization that they wanted to start a business together. They didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do, but they knew they wanted to do it together and that whatever it was they were going to do, the foundation of their business would be to empower women.


April was in a course for Marketing when she came up with the name “Double the Love” for a project she was working on. The gals decided to run with the idea and turn it into the business they had been dreaming up. The original idea was for this to be a vintage pop-up store. After reaching out to various rental spots, the dream of a pop-up shop diminished. It was too difficult to have an on-point brand while not having a secure space to do so.

They tried their hand at designing clothes which proved to be a bigger challenge than they bargained for (turns out it’s much more difficult than they expected to become the next Coco Chanel). It became apparent, very quickly, that this wasn’t going to work, so it was back to the drawing board.

After a chat with a local coffee shop owner, April was inspired with the idea of creating a store in a vehicle. It was 7:00am and in true April-style, she called Zofia mere moments after her epiphany.  The gals didn’t think twice about it. This was the idea they had been waiting for. A “pop-up” retail shop, on wheels where they could have the creative independence they had been looking for and could move around at their own leisure. It was the perfect idea.

Their motto: Idea first, nitty gritter after.

They found an empty shell of a trailer just over the border, brought it home and started working on it right away. Everyone from Mom and Dad to April’s Grandma assisted to get it shop-ready. Blood, sweat and tears were poured into that pretty pink trailer. Literally.


When stapling the flowers to the walls, Zofia stapled her finger and ended up in the hospital mere hours before their grand opening.

Their greatest strength? Their recovery time. When something goes wrong for these two, instead of freaking out, they figure it out. They put their heads together and power through.

More so than anything, these women are persistent to spread love. The store has given them the opportunity and a platform to connect with women on a deeper level.

So many women dismiss their bodies because they feel it doesn’t fit into the stencil that has been falsely created for us. There is no such thing as “perfect”, if there was, every single person would need to look the same. How horrifically boring would that be?

My eyes started to water as April was talking about beauty and the limitations we set for ourselves. “It’s very upsetting when someone comes into our store, tries something on and then looks in the mirror and critiques parts of them that are different. Beauty has no definition. Beauty is all of us. This store has given us the vessel to connect with women and help them to see that as well. To show them that there is so much more to value in a person than their appearance. When I make a friend, I’m not concerned how they look… even if they look like Jennifer Lopez from 2001”

Zofia: “Hell yah! As long as you are confident, comfortable and YOU love what you’re wearing, that is literally all that matters. We need to stop setting these limitations for ourselves.”


Their advice to young entrepreneurs: Don’t confuse fear with intuition. It’s very easy to get the two confused. When you’re starting off on a journey there are going to be times when you’re terrified and feel like what you’re doing might be a bad idea, there will be sleepless nights and the unknown will literally scare the shit out of you, but 99.9% of the time, that’s just fear. Being scared of the outcome is no reason to not go forward with a dream or passion.

What’s the worst that can happen? So you’re out some money and some time… at least you tried. That’s a lot more than most people can say. Trust your intuition, go with your gut and never let fear take over.

Where can you find them now?

Online at or in front of Lonsdale Quay in their adorable pop-up trailer shop. OR you can have them at your next event! Check out their website for more details on that.

Show yourself and your style a little extra love today and go visit them, you’ll leave a better version of you (and a better styled one too!).


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