Niagara Falls

“And that’s the way the cookie crumbles”

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 1.37.22 PM

That’s literally all all I could think about when I was standing above the breathtaking view of Niagara Falls.

I recently went on a road trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls and my only real regret was not floating down the falls in a wooden barrel (jk). I actually wish we had taken the opportunity to go on a tour with Maid of the Mist to see the falls from the bottom view.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 1.53.00 PM

The Sheraton at the Falls  was the perfect place to stay. We were absolutely central and attached to the casino… which for me was a plus (I won $160 on the penny slots), my poor pals were not so lucky. Eh, you win some, you lose some, right?


I was super impressed with the hospitality, not only were we upgraded to a beautiful, spacious room we were also greeted with a bottle of wine – that did not go unnoticed.

My favorite part of the entire trip was chilling on the rooftop bar at R5 and watching the daily fireworks. Drinks were a tad expensive but the service and view were phenomenal.  The outside lounge area has fire pits at almost every table and a view of the falls (which CHANGE COLOUR at night).


I’m so looking forward to going again. It’s a great family place, tons of diner-like restaurants and lots for the kiddies to do. Not the craziest night life, but great live music at many of the bars and a fantastic atmosphere for a more relaxed vacation.

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