Kelsey Gavin

Kelsey Gavin, 25
Financial Service Associate


Kelsey mother fuckin’ Gavin.

My sister, my support system, my best friend.

Kelsey is THE nicest person I know…In the entire world, out of anyone I’ve ever met, she takes the cake.

She is the one that always picks me up after my adventures (literally, every time I land at YVR, she is there, always). She is the one that will give the advice that maybe I don’t want to hear, but need to. She is the one that thinks of little ways to make life more enjoyable for others, and always does them. If the world had more Kelsey’s, we’d be in a lot better shape.

In a nut shell, that’s her. She may be nice, but she is also fierce. I remember being on the playground back in Elementary school and a few of my “friends” had given me a set schedule on when I could and couldn’t hang out with them. Kelsey took one look at said schedule and set the record straight. She is two years older and in the Elementary  School world, a hell of a lot cooler. Instead of yelling at the girls, she got her friends to all hang out with me on the playground showing these young bitches that I didn’t need them, I had cooler older friends that would never dream of giving me a schedule.

She’s never changed. She never belittles anyone to make a point, she lifts people up instead. She doesn’t fight back with fire, she fights back with love.


How would you describe our relationship in three words? 
Indestructible, Wonderful, Awesome

Where is your favorite place on Earth?
Anywhere where I can float and only see calm around me, (the middle of Lake Cowichan, the Caribbean sea…)
What’s your go-to work out song?
Run the World- Beyonce
How do you make the world a better place?
I put other’s needs and happiness above my own.
What is your favorite place to escape?
My bed…Or, if it’s really bad and I need to truly run away, then Grandpa D’s house.
What’s one thing in your life that make you feel strong?
My siblings.
If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?
Try to be batman and save the carriage pulling horses from Stanley Park, then make sure my family knew how much/ why I love them all. 
Who is the one person on Earth that knows you the best?
Stephen- Flart. 
What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself? 
Not necessarily the look of my legs, but the fact that they are strong enough to hike me up to wherever I want to go. 
What is your favorite non-physical attribute about yourself?
Apparently I’m smarter than I look. 
Who inspires you?
People who break through social barriers to become who they need to be. Also when mom’s and dad’s march in the pride parade to support their children. 
What’s something you’ve never done, but always wanted to?
Camp on a secluded beach that isn’t a campsite.

What was the last thing that made you cry?
Trying to emotionally support a very ill friend.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Emptied my bank account to take my sister to Vegas for her birthday.

What’s your favorite joke?
Q: What do you call a dog with no legs?
A: It doesn’t matter, he’s not going to come.

What gives your life meaning?
Love & Family
What inspires you to be better?
My freedom. Sometimes it is easy to forget how lucky I am to be where I am, and take advantage of the opportunities handed to me on a silver platter.

There are two types of people in the world… what are those two types?
Open-minded and close-minded

As you get older, what are you becoming more afraid of?
What the world will become, I see it crumbling in every way and it feels like there’s nothing I can do. We have a population crisis, we cannot produce enough food to sustain the growth but people keep popping out babies, we have energy crisis and instead of pushing renewable energy we keep drilling for oil, and the core temperature of the earth is rising…

What do you take for granted? 
I forget how lucky I am to have my fella.

What makes a good life?
Balance, love, and full bellies

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? 
Go see grandma Rita, stay for a month.

What are the top three things you want to accomplish before you die? 
Own a home with a yard, travel around Europe, rescue some puppies.

What is your favourite quote? 
Nobody is perfect, but there is someone out there who is perfect for you. (Some of the best relationship advice, from Kathryn Lynch)

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