It’ s All Divine, Baby.

It’s been a hell of a ride since I last spilled my heart out here on the interwebs (back in my New York days…).
I’ve been up to no good, as per usual. When I moved back to Vancouver from New York I began writing, traveled through Peru and Ecuador, hiked Machu Picchu and started playing the Uke.  I threw myself into a journey that you’ll never believe (I’m not able to talk about that in detail just yet – but when I can I’ll be sure to spill all the juicy deets).
Long story short, I’ve been busy doing life.
It’s been quite the journey these past few years. It’s funny to look back at where you once were and compare it to where you are now… It never seems like all that much changes day by day but compare it to two years ago and man oh man how divine is that growth?
I’ve met people who have changed my life. I’ve experienced exhilarating highs and the most dreadful lows. Best of all, I’ve learned.
I’ve noticed how important it is for me to express myself and document the growth for myself. That’s really all this blog is for me, an outlet of sorts, to rehash old ideas and stories and document the new ones.
Thanks for riding along with me, friend.
Until next time,

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